Why You Should NOT Ignore an Illuminated Battery Indicator or Charging System Light

If your vehicle’s battery indicator or charging system light illuminates, you will understandably be tempted to continue driving and deal with this potential automotive problem later on.  Do not fall into this temptation!  If you are like most drivers, you will delay addressing this issue for a couple trips, assuming you will have it tended to in the upcoming days.  Days eventually turn to weeks and the vehicle subsequently fails to start. The illumination of a battery indicator light or charging system icon on the dashboard is cause for serious concern.  Ignoring this problem is certainly convenient at the moment yet inaction has the potential to wreak havoc down the line.

What the Battery Indicator Really Means

The illumination of your battery indicator light means the alternator is not replenishing the battery’s juice.  In other words, the power necessary to operate the engine management system, electrical systems and fuel delivery system is dwindling.  The bottom line is the illumination of this light is a clue that major trouble is coming sooner rather than later.  Though a failure of the charging system might not cause significant mechanical damage, it should not be ignored.

How to Proceed After the Charging System Light Illuminates

 Ideally, you will immediately shut down all of the unnecessary electrical loads ranging from the air conditioner to the heater and radio.  Instead of putting the problem on the back burner, assuming you will address it later on, the better course of action is to bring your vehicle to a car repair shop for in-depth inspection as soon as possible.  For the most part, drivers have a minimum of 15 minutes worth of driving time before their dilapidated battery voltage is reduced to the point that the ignition system does not function as designed.  If you continue to drive beyond this time limit, you run the risk of the engine completely quitting.

However, it is sensible to restart the vehicle far away from traffic in a safe location to see if the light re-illuminates.  Turn off the engine, let everything cool down for a few minutes then turn the engine back on.  It is possible the battery light won’t illuminate.  However, if the battery light illuminates once again, you should refrain from driving but for the short trip over to our car repair shop.

The Potential for Battery Replacement

The illumination of the charging system light does not necessarily indicate your vehicle needs a completely new battery.  The charging system might cause the vehicle battery to discharge.  However, this does not indicate the battery needs to be replaced with a new one right away.  Our car repair team is here to check out the entirety of your vehicle’s system to determine the appropriate course of action.

Morgan Automotive Repair is Here to Help

 If your vehicle needs any type of repair, do the smart thing by leaning on our team for assistance.  Reach out to us today and we will slot you in for timely yet comprehensive auto repair.  You can schedule an appointment at our auto repair shop by dialing (209) 836-4909. You can also request an estimate by filling out our convenient online contact form.

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