Why You Need to Get A Vehicle Alignment

Being out of alignment can negatively affect your steering and braking systems, as well as cause premature wear on your tires. Therefore, a vehicle alignment is recommended after certain events to ensure that your car runs well at its highest potential. When you get new tires, adjust suspension parts, lower or lift your vehicle, get into an accident, driven over a big pothole, notice off-center steering, install new tires, or it’s been a year since your last alignment. If you travel on rough roads, check your alignment every 6 months. Here are 5 reasons why you should get a vehicle alignment.

#1: An alignment gets you the most from your tires.

Wheel alignment checks can correct issues like an incorrect toe angle, which can wear down your tires. Since cars usually go out of alignment slowly, you may not notice how it gradually affects your tires’ performance. Day by day, your tires will have its tread worn down in disproportionate areas which will decrease their lifespan. By fixing their alignment, you can get the longest lifespan out of your investment.

#2: It increases your vehicle’s mileage.

Bad alignment decreases your tires’ tread and makes your car work harder to reach the same speeds. Due to your car’s decreased efficiency, you use more gas to do the same work compared to when your car was in alignment. 

#3:You get a smoother ride.

If you’re experiencing the nuisance of pulling the steering wheel to one side while driving or an off-center steering wheel, it’s difficult to drive comfortably — especially when you have a long commute. When an incorrect alignment is causing the issue, fixing it will grant you a smoother, more pleasant experience while driving.

#4: An alignment benefits your vehicle as a whole.

When an alignment fix corrects atypical tire wear, you fix other problems like vehicle vibrations and also reduce the strain on other systems like your vehicles’ suspension. Overall, having good alignment keeps all your car’s parts in better condition since they are not under strain. 

#5: You get better tire tread and a safer ride.

When you achieve proper alignment, the angles of your tires are adjusted to make the closest contact with the road. Therefore, fixing uneven tread wear increases your vehicle’s stability, steering balance, and cornering abilities. When your car’s tread is as it should be, your tires have the best traction that can make the difference between driving safely during a downpour or hydroplaning.

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