Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas When I Start It?

If you have just fueled up your car, and you smell gas when you start it, it may take a second to get rid of the gas scent in your car. Your car may smell like gas simply because you were sitting at the gas station. However, if you smell this smell every time you start up your car, or when you have not just filled up your tank, there may be something else going on. In most cases, you will need to bring your car to a car repair shop to determine what is causing your car to smell like gas. Here are a few of the common reasons this scenario may be happening. 

Something Is Off With Your Gas Cap

If you smell gas when you start your car, the first thing you should do is check your gas cap. After fueling up your vehicle, you may have failed to replace the gas cap or your gas cap may not be tightly secure. This allows fumes to enter your vehicle. Additionally, if the seal on your gas cap has cracks or is broken, you may smell gas. A car repair shop can order you a new cap to help prevent you from smelling gas fumes. 

Bad Fuel Pressure

Another reason why you may smell gas when you start your car or are driving your car is because you have a failed pressure regulator. The failed regulator can burn fuel until the mixture is too thick or too thin. Burning excess fuel not only wastes gas, but also causes fumes to sit inside the exhaust, which is what you may be smelling. If you notice a decrease in your fuel efficiency and it seems like your car has weaker power than before in conjunction with the scent of fuel, bad fuel pressure may be the cause of your gas scent. 

A Gas Leak

The final reason why you may smell the scent of gas when you start up your car is because you have a gas leak. You may have a leak in your fuel line or you may have punctured your fuel tank. If you suspect you have a leak, you will notice a puddle of gas under your vehicle. Do not drive your car if you have a fuel leak. Instead, have your vehicle towed to an auto repair shop to have any damaged items causing the gas leak repaired. 

Does your car smell like gas when you start it? Here at Morgan Auto Repair, we can help to determine what is causing the smell and how to properly repair it so you no longer smell it any longer. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our auto repair shop or simply bring your car to us for an inspection. 

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