What to do After Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light Illuminates

Drive your car long enough and the “check engine” light will eventually illuminate.  However, you probably don’t know what part of the engine requires analysis or whether the warning light’s illumination is an indication that a serious problem looms or is already wreaking havoc below the hood.  Let’s take a quick look at the best course of action after your vehicle’s check engine light illuminates.

Double Check the Lights

Plenty of drivers mistake the check engine light for the “service soon” or “service now” light.  These lights are not one and the same.  Each serves its own unique purpose.  If your service now/service soon indicator is illuminated, it is a clue that it is time for the vehicle’s regularly scheduled maintenance session.  The illumination of this light does not indicate there is a mechanical issue with the vehicle.

Take the Light Seriously

If your car could talk in order to communicate what is going wrong when the check engine light illuminates, it would likely state there is a meaningful problem under the hood such as a flawed oxygen sensor.  However, there is a chance the illumination of the check engine light indicates there is more of a minor issue such as a gas cap that is loose.  In general, flashing or blinking check engine indicators are a clue that the problem is serious as opposed to minor.  If the check engine light remains lit as opposed to flashing or blinking, it is a sign that one of several problems is occurring.  However, both a consistently illuminated check engine light and a flashing light are justification enough to request assistance from the automotive experts.

Ask for Assistance From the Professionals

As is often said, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.  Consult with the automotive experts for assistance in the aftermath of your check engine light’s illumination.  Our team is here to determine what the real problem is.  If your check engine light flashes or blinks, don’t take any chances.  Pull over to a safe part of the road or a parking lot.  Turn off your vehicle’s engine.  Call a car towing service so your vehicle can be towed to one of our locations for analysis and repair.  Alternatively, if your check engine light is consistently lit as opposed to flashing, you can continue driving, though it is prudent to bring the vehicle to our repair garage as soon as possible.

Morgan Automotive Repair is at Your Service

If your car, truck or SUV’s check engine light has illuminated, don’t wait until something goes terribly wrong and you are stuck with an egregiously expensive repair or replacement project.  Be proactive by reaching out to our auto repair shop for assistance.  We perform timely and thorough auto repairs, ensuring our customers get back on the road without waiting any longer than necessary.  Reach out to our car repair shop today to schedule your car repair.  You can reach us by dialing (209) 836-4909 (Tracy location), (209) 825-9335 (Manteca location) or (209) 952-7901 (Stockton location).  You can also request an estimate online.

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