What Is an ASE Certified Technician and Why Should You Look For This When Selecting an Auto Mechanic

If you are looking for a car repair shop to maintain and care for your automobile, one of the things that you should look for is whether the shop hires ASE certified technicians. Unfortunately, many people have no idea what an ASE certified technician is and why they should look for this when searching for an auto repair shop. Here are a few of the questions that you may have pertaining to ASE certified technicians and the answers. 

What Is an ASE Certified Technician? 

An ASE certified technician is an auto repair technician who has fulfilled the work requirements and has passed testing with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Upon completing the work requirements and passing the test, the technician is deemed to be a certified technician. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is a non-profit company that works hard to provide a consistent standard for auto technicians, so consumers know that a technician has the skills and experience to work for an auto repair shop. 

Why Should You Look for An ASE Certified Technician When You Need Car Repair? 

While a car repair shop mechanic is not required to obtain an ASE certificate in order to work, the top repair shops in the country only hire ASE certified technicians. This is because these mechanics have demonstrated that they have the skills and expertise to complete maintenance and repair work. As a consumer, you should look to work only with ASE certified technicians as this is only of the only means of gathering insight about a mechanic before hiring them. You know the technician has had to demonstrate a high level of automobile repair knowledge to obtain certification. Mechanics also have to retest for the certification every five years, so this helps to prove that a technician is staying on top of new trends and repair methods as well. 

How Can You Determine if a Technician is an ASE Certified Technician? 

There are a few different ways that you can determine if a technician is an ASE certified technician. First off, you can find out if the business is part of the ASE Blue Seal Program. This is a program that businesses apply for to show that they use ASE certified technicians. If a company is part of the ASE Blue Seal Program, it will likely have this information displayed on the door or on its wall. In addition to this, you can ask a specific employee if they are an ASE certified technician. If they are, they will have a certificate naming them as a certified technician. This certificate lasts for five years before the mechanic has to reapply and retest for recertification. 

Here at  Morgan Auto Repair, we are proud to employ ASE certified technicians. When you are in need of car repair, our technicians can help you. Visit our website to request an appointment at either our Tracy, Manteca or Stockton location. Or, if you prefer, you can call us to set up a service or repair appointment. 



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