What Is an Air Conditioning Inspection and Why Is Now the Ideal Time to Have One Done?

During the summer months, you rely on the air conditioning in your vehicle to help keep you and your passengers comfortable. Without air conditioning, your car can reach temperatures that are hotter than those outside, and can lead to you becoming hot, dizzy dehydrated or can even cause heatstroke if you are exposed to these hot temperatures for hours on the road. Having your vehicle’s air conditioning system inspected is the best way to ensure your car’s AC will work this summer, and now is the perfect time to have yours checked out. 

What Is an Air Conditioning Inspection? 

An air conditioning inspection involves inspecting the entire air conditioning system within your automobile. This includes inspecting hoses for cracks or holes that can lead to leaks, checking for and removing dirt and dust that can cause obstructions and blockages, checking the level of refrigerant or freon in your vehicle, and checking the parts that make up the air conditioning system, including the compressor, for signs of wear or damage. An air conditioning inspection can be done to check for problems before they arise with the unit or can be completed if your air conditioning unit is not working to find out the cause for the issues you are encountering. 

When Should You Have Your Air Conditioning Inspected? 

It is recommended that you have your car’s air conditioning unit inspected at least once per year. Most professionals recommend that you do it in spring, prior to temperatures warming up. In addition to annual inspections, you should also have your unit inspected if you plan on going on a road trip with warm temperatures and plan to use the air conditioning system frequently or if you are encountering any problems with your air conditioning system. Some of the signs of car air conditioning problems may include no air blowing when you turn on the air, the air not cooling once it is turned on, or your car making clunking or wailing noises when the air conditioning unit is in operation. 

Why Is Spring a Great Time to Have Your Air Conditioning Inspected? 

It is highly recommended that you have your car’s air conditioning unit inspected in the spring for a couple of reasons. First, winter weather can be rough on the belts and hoses in your car. Cold weather, road salt and other winter elements can lead these items to crack or degrade. Having the hoses in your air conditioning system inspected in spring helps ensure winter did not damage these items. Additionally, having the unit inspected in spring helps to ensure your air conditioning system is ready to go in the summer. If there are repairs that are needed, a repair shop can order parts and make repairs before you need to use the air, ensuring you remain comfortable on hot summer days. 

At Morgan Automotive Repair, with locations in Tracy, Manteca and Stockton, we can help you with all of your car repair needs. Whether you need your air conditioning unit inspected or the unit has stopped working and you need it repaired, we are here to help. Visit us online to request a free estimate or call one of our locations to schedule an appointment. 

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