Three Ways to Remove Ice Safely From Your Windshield

It is common for individuals to make mistakes removing ice from a car’s windshield. Unfortunately, these mistakes can damage the windshield. Learning how to correctly remove ice from a windshield can help to prevent unneeded trips to a car repair shop for repairs and can help to quickly get ice off the windshield. Here are three of the best ways to remove ice safely from your windshield. 

Use a De-Icer Product

If you live in a part of the valley where temperatures normally dip below the freezing mark, you will want to remove your regular windshield washer fluid and replace that with a de-icer windshield fluid. A de-icer will not freeze, and when sprayed on the windshield, will help to break ice apart quickly. Always check your windshield wipers as well, and if the rubber is damaged, replace the windshield wipers. 

Rubbing Alcohol

One of the fastest and cheapest ways to remove ice safely from a windshield is to mix two parts 70 percent or higher isopropyl alcohol with one part water in a spray bottle. Then, spray the mixture directly on the ice. The rubbing alcohol will warm up the ice and get it to melt away faster. You may need to spray multiple times to remove thick layers of ice. One of the benefits to rubbing alcohol is that rubbing alcohol does not freeze, so you can keep a spray bottle of the mixture in your car without having to worry about it freezing overnight. 

Defroster and Ice Scraper

The final way to safely remove ice from your windshield is to use your car’s defroster and a plastic ice scraper. This method does take time, but turning on your defroster and allowing your car to slowly heat up, all while gently breaking apart the ice, is one of the most efficient ways to remove ice from the windshield of your car. If you opt to use a scraper, it is important that the scraper should be lightly run along the windshield. Never dig in deep or push down heavily on the scraper or you can scratch your windshield. 

Never pour hot water over an icy car window or the window may shatter. Also avoid using metal ice scrapers, as they can etch into your windshield. Using the above three methods can help you safely remove ice from your windshield. However, if you have already made a mistake, and now your windshield is damaged, Morgan Auto Repair Shop, with locations in Tracy, Manteca, and Stockton can help you. Schedule an appointment with us today. 

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