Three Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

If your automobile is in need of a car repair, it may provide you with many signs that something is not quite right. One of the signs that your car may give you is unusual or abnormal sounds. While you should also take notice if you hear any unusual sounds coming from your car, some sounds are more pressing than other sounds. Bring your vehicle to a car repair shop promptly if you hear any of the noises below.  

Squealing From Under the Hood or From Your Tires When Coming To a Stop

If you hear squealing coming from your vehicle, you should try to listen to where the squealing sound is coming from. If the squealing sound is only present when you are coming to a stop, chances are, your brakes are letting you know that they need to be replaced. If your brake pads are not replaced timely, the squealing may turn into screeching or grinding, letting you know that your brake repairs are past due. 

If you hear squealing coming from the front of your car, chances are, you have a belt that is loose or worn. This may be a fan belt, serpentine belt or timing belt. If the belt comes loose or breaks, you may find yourself stranded on the side of the road. 

Hissing Noises From Under the Hood or the Back of Your Car  

Hissing is not a sound you want to hear coming from your car. Hissing typically occurs under the hood of the car. Hissing can be caused by a leak in tubing that allows air to leak out. Hissing can also be caused by a fluid leak. If oil, coolant or other fluids leak out of your car and onto a hot part, you may hear a sizzling or hissing sound. 

Hissing noises may also be heard coming from the back of your car. The most common reason you would hear hissing from the back of your car is due to leaks within the exhaust system. This is not an emergency, but it can cause your car to run rough and possibly fail a smog test. 

Banging or Clanking From Under the Hood, Under the Car or From Your Tires

The final car sound that you should never ignore is banging, clanking or knocking sounds. If you hear banging or knocking from under the hood, you may have an engine problem. You should pull over and have your car towed to a car repair shop if this problem is present. 

You may also hear banging or clanking coming from under your car. This is indicative of problems with the tie bar, sway bar or ball joints. These issues will need to be repaired timely, or they may negatively affect steering control. 

Lastly, if you hear banging or clanking coming from your tires, you may have tire problems. You may hear banging or clanking if a tire is worn, misaligned, or going flat. You may also hear clanking or knocking if the wheel bearings on your wheel assembly are going bad. You should bring your car to an auto repair shop or tire repair shop to have your tires inspected. 

If you hear squealing noises, hissing noises, or banging or clanking noises coming from your car, your car is likely in need of auto repair. Bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop, such as us here at Morgan Auto Repair. We can inspect your vehicle, determine what is causing the noise, and make the needed repairs to ensure your car safely and quietly gets you where you need to go. 

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