The Perils of DIY Lube, Oil and Filter Changes

The typical auto engine oil lasts 5,000 to 7,000 miles.  When in doubt, err on the side of safety rather than potential engine destruction by having your oil changed sooner rather than later.  Our auto repair team is here to help with your automotive needs.  Here’s a quick look from our car repair and maintenance experts as to why you should strictly rely on the professionals for oil changes.

Don’t Make a Potentially Costly Mistake

If you were to change your oil, filter, and lube incorrectly with a DIY (do it yourself) effort, you would likely make a mistake.  Unfortunately, even the slightest mistake in the context of an oil change has the potential to cause significant damage to your vehicle’s engine.  A compromised engine will require expensive repairs or a total replacement. 

Keep in mind, your vehicle’s oil is the lifeblood of the engine that makes your car, truck, or SUV go.  If this lifeblood is compromised in the slightest, it has the potential to cause internal problems within the engine that necessitate a full replacement.  A full engine replacement will cost several thousand dollars. Why take that risk when our team is here to change your oil, filter, and lube on your behalf and also perform additional auto maintenance and car repairs? 

Consider the Time Investment

There is a common misconception that changing an engine’s oil, lube and filter will only take a couple of minutes or less.  The truth is replacing these vital components of an engine takes a considerable amount of time.  Though experienced professionals can perform an oil change much faster than an automotive novice, it still requires attention, effort, and a meaningful amount of time.  Take a moment to consider what it would take to change your oil on your own.  You would need to buy the right type of oil, an oil pan, a special wrench, and more.  You would then have to learn how to change the oil properly, clean up the area and properly discard the oil and filter to ensure you don’t compromise the environment. 

Consider the Cost of DIY Oil Changes

Once you buy all the items necessary for an oil change and factor in the value of your time, you will find the math does not work out in your favor.  Add up the cost of all the materials necessary to perform a DIY oil change and you’ll find that aggregate cost is greater than the cost of an oil change at an auto repair shop.

Get It Right on the First Try

Above all, the best reason to rely on an auto repair specialist is that this professional will perform the oil change the right way on the first try.  Mechanics sweat all the small stuff of oil changes, meaning they will choose the right oil, pinpoint oil leaks, and discard the old oil in as green a manner as possible.  The end result is a well-lubricated engine that provides you with an invaluable sense of confidence.

Morgan Automotive Repair

Our auto repair shop is here in your time of need.  If you get into any type of accident or simply need an oil, filter, and lube change, lean on our car repair shop to get the job done right.  Reach out to us today at (209) 836-4909 to schedule an appointment.

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