The Importance of Having Belts and Hoses on Your Car Checked

It is recommended that the belts and hoses in your vehicle be inspected during every oil change and before you set out on a longer than normal drive, such as a road trip. Unfortunately, though, many people have no idea whey their belts and hoses need to be inspected, what can happen if the belts and hoses are damaged, or what the signs are that something is wrong with the belts and hoses. Here are a few questions you may have as well as the answers. 

What Do Belts in Your Vehicle Do and What Can Happen If They Are Damaged? 

The belts in your vehicle all play an important role in the operation and function of your car. Most are connected in some way to the engine, helping to provide power from the engine throughout the rest of your car. If a belt is damaged, parts of your car may not get the power that is needed. This can cause your car to stall, fail to operate or can even lead to parts of your car, including your engine or crankshaft, becoming damaged. 

What Do Hoses in Your Vehicle Do and What Can Happen If They Are Damaged? 

The hoses in your vehicle are responsible for carrying fluid from one part of your car to another part of your vehicle. This fluid can be used to power a specific part or help to cool a part. For example, brake fluid is transported to your brake system so your brakes work, while coolant is used to help keep your engine cool. If there are any leaks in your hoses, or if the hoses are not properly connected within your vehicle, the fluid can leak. This prevents your parts from functioning or cooling properly, and the fluid itself can damage other parts within your automobile. 

What Should You or a Professional Be Looking For When Inspecting Belts and Hoses? 

When you are inspecting belts, you should be on the lookout for signs of damage. This includes belts that look like they are cracking, fraying or developing an alligator-like look to the belt. When you are inspecting hoses, you should be looking for cracks in the hoses, signs of leaks that indicate a crack may be present in the hose, or a hose that is not connected to both the beginning point and the end point within a car. In addition to this, a professional may be able to tell the amount of wear or the age of belts and hoses, which may help to catch older belts and hoses before they break or crack. 

If you are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable checking the belts and hoses in your car, you want to leave it up to a car repair shop to inspect the hoses. If you have inspected the belts and hoses yourself and have noticed damage, you will want to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop to have auto repairs made. At Morgan Automotive Repair, we can assist you with both an inspection or a repair of your belts and hoses. Schedule an appointment with one of our car repair professionals today. 

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