The Dangers of Patching or Plugging Car Tires Yourself

If you notice you have a flat tire, you may be considering patching it or plugging the car tire yourself. While you can buy patching or plugging kits to do it yourself, it is highly recommended that you bring your vehicle to a car repair shop or tire repair shop for all of your repair needs. Attempting to patch or plug a tire yourself can be dangerous. Here are a few of the reasons why you should never attempt to perform this action yourself. 

The Average Person Does Not Know Whether a Tire Should Even Be Plugged or Patched

One of the reasons why patching or plugging tires yourself can be dangerous is because the average person does not know whether a tire should be repaired or whether a tire should be replaced. Not all tire damage can or should be patched. Holes that are larger than 1/4 inch should never be patched or plugged. Holes on the sidewall should never be repaired. And your tire should never be repaired if it is already in poor condition or has already been patched or plugged three times. Patching or plugging a tire increases your risk of a blowout when driving at high speeds, which is extremely dangerous. 

Driving On An Improperly Repaired Tire Is Dangerous

The second reason why you should bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop for tire repairs is that driving on an improperly repaired tire is dangerous. The patches and plugs sold at auto repair shops are not made of the same material as those that professionals use. They may not hold up for extended periods of time. And, if they are not installed correctly, they may fall off or blow out when you are driving. This means that you could get a flat tire or even have a blowout. 

You May Be Doing More Damage to the Tire and/or Voiding the Warranty

The final reason why you should bring your car to a car repair shop for tire repairs is that you may be doing more damage to the tire by doing a repair yourself. Some problems may be repairable, but if you improperly patch or plug the tire it can cause additional damage. In turn, you may have to replace the tire. If you had hired a professional, a professional could have made the needed repairs that would have lasted. Secondly, in many cases, you are voiding the manufacturer’s warranty by not having a professional repair your tires. 

If you have a flat tire, bring your vehicle to the professionals at Morgan Automotive Repair. Our auto repair specialists can look at your tire and determine if it should be repaired or replaced. If it can be repaired, our team is trained in making the repairs needed, ensuring there is no risk of danger while driving on the fixed tire. Call us today to schedule an appointment with us today. 

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