Signs Your Tire Pressure Sensors Need to Be Replaced

Tire pressure sensors are important, as they help you to see if your tire pressure is low. This alerts you to air that may be leaking from a tire or tells you your tires may need more air added to them. Older tire pressure sensors typically have a lifespan of about five years, while newer sensors have a lifespan closer to 10 years. Each tire has its own sensor, and each sensor can fail at a different rate. If you have tire pressure sensors on your car, you may be wondering if there are signs that the sensors give you when they are nearing the end of their lifespan. Here are a few of those signs. 

Your Tire Pressure Light Comes On Even Though Your Tire Pressure Is Fine

One of the most common signs that occurs if your tire pressure sensors are at or near the end of their lifespan is that the tire pressure light comes on even though your tire pressure is fine. You may notice the tire pressure warning is illuminated on your dashboard, go to a gas station and find that the pressure is fine. Or you may add the right amount of air and the light stays illuminated. This is the most common sign of an aging tire pressure sensor. 

Your Tire Pressure Light Comes On After Being Exposed to Water

Another sign that the tire pressure sensor may need to be replaced is the tire pressure light coming on after being exposed to water. After washing your car or driving through rain, the tire pressure light may come on. As the car dries out, the light may shut off. This typically signals there is a fault or flaw with the tire pressure sensor, and the only way to correct it is to replace the sensor. 

Your Tire Pressure is Not Fine and the Warning Light Did Not Come On

The final sign that your tire pressure sensors may need to be replaced is your tire pressure being low, yet the sensor did not warn you the tire pressure was low. This occurs once the sensors have stopped working completely and need to be replaced. If you get a flat tire or notice a tire is visibly low, and your tire pressure sensors did not alert you, it is time to replace one or more sensors. 

If your tire pressure sensor light is coming on when it should not, or not coming on when it should, you will want to bring your vehicle to a car repair shop to have the sensors checked and possibly replaced. Here at Morgan Automotive Repair, we can help you with all of your car care needs, including testing and replacing tire pressure sensors. Call our auto repair shop today to schedule an appointment at one of our three Northern California locations. 

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