Signs Your Catalytic Convertor May Be Failing

A catalytic convertor is an essential part of your vehicle that helps to break down unburned gasses, rather than allowing them to be released into the air. This has reduced the amount of smog and pollution that is created as a result of people driving their automobiles. Many catalytic convertors are designed to last the entire lifespan of your car. However, if you have a high mileage vehicle, an older vehicle or if your vehicle has sustained oil leaks or major engine problems, your catalytic convertor may go bad. Failing a smog check is one of the signs that your catalytic convertor may be at the end of its lifespan, but there are a few other signs that the unit may be failing to be on the lookout for. 

You Are Suddenly Not Getting As Many Miles Per Gallon After Filling Up

One of the signs that your catalytic convertor may be failing is suddenly not getting as many miles per gallon after filling up. As your car ages, it may slowly get worse gas mileage. But, when the catalytic convertor has a crack or other issue, you will suddenly notice a large decrease in your fuel efficiency. If you notice this, it may be time to have your vehicle inspected. 

Your Vehicle is Slow or Sluggish When It Comes to Accelerating

Another sign that your catalytic convertor may be nearing the end of its lifespan is your car is slow, sluggish or seems to hesitate when you are trying to accelerate. Unfortunately, this can be a sign of many issues, ranging from needing your transmission fluid flushed to needing spark plugs replaced to a failing catalytic convertor. A car repair shop can diagnose the cause of slow or sluggish acceleration in your vehicle. 

You Smell Gas or Sulfur When Starting the Car

When you start your car, you do not expect to smell gas or a sulfur or rotten egg-like scent. But, if you do, you may be dealing with an issue with the fuel injectors or the catalytic convertor. When you start your car, ask someone to stand behind your car and look at the tailpipe. If they notice white or gray emissions or can strongly smell the scent behind your car, the catalytic convertor is the likely culprit. 

The Check Engine Light Comes On In Your Car

Lastly, if your catalytic convertor needs to be replaced, the check engine light in your vehicle will likely come on. The check engine light monitors not only your engine, but the emissions system in your car as well, which includes the catalytic convertor. 

A catalytic convertor is a major repair, and unfortunately, it is also a pricey one. As such, you want to have the repair done by an auto repair shop that you can trust and rely on. At Morgan Automotive Repair, we can help you with all of your car repairs, including diagnosing catalytic convertor issues and replacing this part. We have three convenient locations in Tracy, Manteca and Stockton, California ready to serve you. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our car repair shops. 

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