Reasons Why Your Brake Pedal is Soft

Normally, you should not have to press very hard on your brake pedal to get your car to come to a stop. You should press it lightly and feel some resistance from the pedal as your car comes to a stop. However, one day you may be out driving and your brake pedal may feel soft. You may not have much resistance when you push on it and the pedal may go much lower than normal or may go all the way down to the ground. If you notice this, you will want to have your car inspected by a professional quickly. Here are a few of the most common reasons why your brake pedal may be soft. 

Your Brake Fluid is Running Low

One of the reasons why your brake pedal may be soft, or going down to the floor when you press it, is because your brake fluid is running low. Generally, your brake fluid is topped off when you have work done to your car, such as an oil change. If it has been some time since the brake fluid was topped off, it may be running low. Another reason the brake fluid may be running low is because you have a leak somewhere. An auto repair mechanic can determine why your brake fluid is low and whether it needs to be topped off or whether repairs are needed due to a leak. 

Air Is In the Brake Line

Another reason why your brake pedal may be soft is because there is air in your brake lines. Your brake lines are designed to carry fluid to your brakes. The fluid is used to help your car come to a complete stop when the brake pedal is pushed. However, if air is in the brake line, it prevents fluid from reaching the brakes and your brake pedal may soften. When this occurs, your brake lines may need to be drained and flushed. This removes the air from the brake lines, which can then be filled up with fluid again. The most common reason why air gets in the brake lines is due to improperly repairing brakes yourself. 

Your Brakes Are Damaged or Need Repairs

The final reason why your brake pedal may be soft is because your brakes are damaged or you may need brake repairs. When you hear your brakes screeching or squealing, the brake pads or shoes likely need to be repaired. If you continue to drive on them, you may start to hear grinding, as the worn out brake pads run along the rotors. If you continue to drive like this, you can damage the rotors and the calipers, which can cause your brake pedal to soften. You will also begin to notice an increase in the amount of time it takes your car to come to a complete stop after hitting the brakes. 

Does your brake pedal go down to the ground when you hit the brakes? If so, you need to have your brake system examined by a professional auto repair shop. Here at Morgan Automotive, we can inspect your brakes to determine what the problem is and then repair it. This helps you to stop completely when you need to. Call our car repair shop today to schedule an appointment. 

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