Keep Your Car Ready for Anything With Spring Cleaning Tips From the Pros!

There’s something about this time of year when the weather starts to heat up and the flowers begin to bloom that makes people catch the cleaning bug. Morgan Automotive Repair knows car repair, but our experts also know some tips to keep your car clean. A clean space is said to help calm the mind and promote productivity. We spend so much time in our cars going to places like work, the grocery store, the park, and school; why not make the car a clean oasis too? 

Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Find a duster or clean towel and lightly dust the interior of the car. It’s surprising how much dust can accumulate in such a small area. Then using a shower squeegee or pumice stone, with which you can gently rack over the carpet and floor mats to dislodge dog hair and settled dirt. Now it’s time to pull out the vacuum. Try to find a vacuum with a smaller head attachment so you can get into all the little nooks where dirt and grime like to hide. Make sure to vacuum all the seats, floors, mats, and side interiors. This would also be a good time to remove any trash and place any toiletries or first aid kits you may need in the glove compartment or console. 

Shine Those Tires Up

Always avoid acid-based cleaning detergents when washing your tires. A good non-acid soap and stiff-bristled brush will do the job well. 

Put in Some Elbow Grease

Whether running the car through an automatic car wash or hand washing, gentleness is always better when trying to preserve the paint of your car. Avoid dish soap or hand soap and opt for a car-specific wash mixture. This will help maintain the integrity of the sleek, glossy paint finish. Don’t forget to squeegee or hand dry the car to prevent mineral film or residual dirt. 

Microfiber is Your Best Friend

Any good car repair shop can tell you that microfiber cloths are superior to any other. There are window cleaners specifically made for car windows to prevent streaks, but any ammonia-free cleaner should do the trick. Spray those windows down and buff until they shine like a diamond. Pro-tip: oil and grime build-up at the top of your car windows, so make sure to wipe there too!

Give Your Car a Spring Check-Up With Morgan Automotive Repair

Spring is in the air and Morgan Automotive Repair is the best auto repair shop in Tracey, Manteca, and Stockton. Our expert technicians have the most car repair knowledge in the area. By doing business with our Morgan Automotive ASE certified technicians, you can save a lot versus going to a dealership. Call Morgan Automotive Repair today to make an appointment to discuss your car repair needs.

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