Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Ravages of Summer Travel?

As spring weather brightens into summer, it’s the ideal time to send your vehicle for a thorough checkup at your local, trusted automotive repair shop. Proactive maintenance helps reduce the long-term ownership cost of your vehicle as well as ensuring that you and your family are safe on the road for your summer travels and vacations. Each time you hit the road, you need to be confident that your vehicle will safely deliver you to your location — and that you won’t need to overspend on repairs once you get there! Here are a few quick ways to help get your vehicle in shape as the weather continues to become warmer. 

Check Your Vehicle for These Signs of Damage

Over time, it’s not unusual for your tires and brakes to feel some wear and tear. Even if you’re in an area that doesn’t see a great deal of ice or snow, there can still be some damage to your vehicle that’s not immediately noticeable. Look for the following signs of damage:

  • Inspect tires, checking for any damage to the sidewalls or gouges in the tire
  • Test your battery, ensuring that all connections are secure, clean and tight
  • Pay close attention to your brakes, listening for any unusual sounds
  • Top off engine oil, brake and coolant fluids, power steering and transmission fluids
  • Add some extra windshield wiper fluid and replace blades as needed
  • Review the cooling capacity of your air conditioner before the weather becomes scorching
  • Replace or repair any aging belts and hoses

Are you nearing one of the standard service mileages for your vehicle? Now’s the perfect time to check in with your local auto repair shop to stay safe on the road.

Finding the Right Auto Repair Shop

You know you need to make a few updates to your vehicle, but how can you be sure that you’re going to receive an estimate for just the repairs or upgrades that you need? There’s a certain peace of mind knowing that your local car repair shop is recommended by friends and family members. It’s also important to seek out auto repair options that offer warranties and other guarantees on their services and that have been operating in your area for many years. Look for extra services such as convenient hours, drop off and pick up services and free shuttles to round out your experience.

Proactive maintenance is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle over time. You deserve the confidence of knowing that your car, truck, van or SUV is receiving the best possible treatment at the hands of your repair shop, which is why so many families in California trust Morgan Automotive Repair! Contact us at one of our four convenient locations or make an appointment online to ensure that your vehicle is ready to withstand all of the rigors that summer living will throw your way. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable auto repair professionals have been serving the greater Central Valley area for nearly 10 years, and are always willing to answer questions and provide you with the car repair insight needed to extend the life of your vehicle. 

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