Is an Oil Leak or Another Fluid Leak a Sign of a Looming Repair?

Most people have heard gearheads state oil is the lifeblood of an automobile.  Oil reduces friction within the vehicle’s engine, ensuring it functions as designed and transports drivers from point A to point B.  The average driver is aware that the failure to change a vehicle’s oil in a timely manner will spur the need for an engine replacement.  However, most drivers do not understand if oil dripping from the underbody of their vehicle is a sign of a potential repair. 

Why Oil Leaks are Cause for Concern

Though there is the potential for the air conditioning system to develop moisture/condensation that results in a leak below, it is better to be safe rather than sorry by having the car repair specialists examine your vehicle.  The little bit of money you pay for auto repair will pale in comparison to replacing a compromised engine resulting from old or dirty oil.

An oil leak is likely to result from a degraded oil seal or gasket.  Such components are fallible, meaning they will eventually break down.  If the oil is dirty due to age, the components will erode that much faster.  Furthermore, there is also the potential for your vehicle’s pans or oil gaskets to endure damage.  Road debris can easily contact these components.  Even a rough road that causes a hole to form can lead to an oil pan leak.  Oil pan gaskets with even moderate wear and tear or damage really can lead to a leak that necessitates car repair.

Lean on the Experts to Determine the Quality of Gasket Installation

If your vehicle is leaking oil, do not hesitate to reach out to the automotive repair professionals for guidance.   Our team might determine one of the gaskets that ensure oil remains within the engine was not properly installed.  We might also find the gasket’s oil pan or valve cover was tightened too much.  Even the failure to tighten these covers at an equal force across the board can cause a leak.  In other cases, the oil filter is not properly attached, causing a loosening that spurs a leak.

The Engine Might be Overheating

Motor oil is an important determinant of the engine’s temperature.  If the oil is old, dirty or otherwise flawed, it will not properly lubricate the pistons.  Pistons that do not glide as they should within the housing due to a lack of oil will grind against engine components, creating heat that might cause the engine to stall.  If the oil level drops down low, the engine is likely to overheat, potentially to the point that it requires a full replacement.  Replacing an engine will cost several thousand dollars.  The better approach to a potential oil leak is to bring the vehicle to a car repair shop for analysis and potential repair.

Morgan Automotive is at Your Service

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