Everything You Need to Know About Testing Your Car Battery Before Winter

Most auto and battery manufacturers recommend that you have your battery tested at least once per year, preferably in the fall. Hot summer temperatures can wear on your battery and freezing cold temperatures require your battery to work extra hard, so having your battery tested between the grueling summer months and before your battery works hard in the winter is ideal. Read on to learn more about having your battery tested this winter. 

Why Should You Have Your Car Battery Tested Before Winter? 

During the summer months, hot temperatures can lead to fluid evaporating out of your battery. This causes wear on the battery. Then, when the temperature drops, your battery has to use extra power to turn on. This creates a perfect storm for older batteries. Having the battery tested in fall helps to ensure that your battery has the strength to make it through the cold winter months without unexpectedly leaving you stranded. 

Where Can You Have a Car Battery Tested

When you take your car to a mechanic and get your battery tested, they will hook it up to a diagnostic battery tester and check the battery for free-flowing current and voltage. Additionally, they will recharge the battery, if possible and if needed. They will also check the battery connections and the terminals to look for signs of wear and tear and will remove any built-up corrosion, which will maintain an unobstructed flow of current to the battery. Your mechanic can extend the life of your battery and make sure you make it through the winter. 

Should You Replace the Battery Even If It Still Works? 

When it comes to ensuring you have a battery that will work through the cold winter months, you will want to consider the following. First off, if your battery is less than three years old, you will likely have a good battery. However, you still want to check for clear and clean connections and signs of corrosion. Secondly, if your battery is older than three years, a proper diagnostic check is recommended. In any circumstance, if you see issues with your battery, it is advised that you get a replacement battery and not be caught out in the cold with a dead battery. 

Here at Morgan Auto Repair shop, with locations in Tracy, Manteca and Stockton, we can help to test your battery, clean your existing battery and/or replace your battery as needed. If it has been a while since your battery was last tested, bring it to us and let us test it. This helps to ensure your battery will make it through the winter months without leaving you stranded. Call our car repair shop now to schedule an appointment. 

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