Driving in a Winter Wonderland: Five Car-Related Items to Keep in Your Car When Driving in Winter Weather

The holiday season is upon us, and for many people, that means they may be hitting the road for road trips. While the roads in the greater Central Valley are not normally icy or exposed to snow, you may be heading out to Tahoe, Reno or somewhere else where snow is present. Carrying specific items in your car can help to ensure you stay safe if you encounter a winter wonderland on a road trip. 

An Ice Scrapper

It is always recommended that you travel with an ice scraper in your vehicle when you are heading out on a winter road trip. Ice and snow may accumulate on windows or the top of the car. An ice scraper can help to properly remove all of the snow and ice, ensuring you can see while you are driving. 

Kitty Litter

Another item you may want to keep with you when you are traveling in winter weather conditions is cat litter or some type of road salt. If you slide off the road or are having trouble making it up a slippery driveway, just sprinkle some cat litter or road salt in front of or behind all of the tires to melt ice and help your car grip on the icy surface. 

Jumper Cables

Your car’s battery is more likely to fail in cold weather compared to hot weather. As such, even if your battery is fairly new, it is strongly recommended you always have jumper cables on hand when traveling to the snow. If your car dies at the grocery store or while you are out getting gas, you can quickly get it jumped again and get on with your day. 

Tire Chains or Cables

It is very common for there to be chain requirements if you are going up a hill in snowy or icy conditions, such as up Donner Summit or up to Lake Tahoe. If there is a chance you may need to chain up, it is strongly recommended that you purchase tire chains or cables before you hit the road. Buying ahead of time helps ensure you have the right size available should you encounter poor road conditions. 

An Emergency Kit

Finally, every driver that is heading out on a road trip should have an emergency kit in it. The kit should have safety items such as a flashlight and road flares. The safety kit should also contain minor medical items, such as bandages and over-the-counter pain relievers. Finally, your emergency kit should always contain a blanket, a few bottles of water and snacks in case you get stranded. 

Before you head out for a road trip, it is highly recommended that you bring your vehicle to a car repair shop to have your car inspected before heading out. Here at Morgan Auto Repair Shop with locations in Tracy, Manteca, and Stockton, we can inspect your vehicle and ensure it is ready to head out for a road trip. Call our auto repair shop now to get started. 

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