Common Car Noises and What Causes Them

Drive your vehicle long enough and it will eventually make some strange noises that have you wondering if something serious is wrong with your ride.  Our car repair team knows all about these noises and what causes them.  Let’s take a look at the most common vehicle noises and what they indicate.

A Slapping or Thudding Sound

If your vehicle makes a slapping or thudding noise while driving, it is a sign there might be an alignment, suspension or tire issue.  This is the type of noise you should not afford to neglect.  Let our auto repair specialists diagnose the problem on your behalf.  We will determine if you are on the verge of a tire blowout, if the suspension is damaged or if there is another problem.

Grinding Noises

Grinding noise after applying the brakes is a significant red flag.  Let our car repair crew address this problem right away so we can minimize the repair cost and keep you safe and sound.  Grinding noises resulting from the application of the brakes are a clue the brake pad is worn through.  The pad should contact the rotor disk.  If the pad is worn, there will be metal-on-metal contact that creates the grinding noise.  Such contact does not stop the vehicle in a timely manner.  Furthermore, this metal-on-metal contact destroys brake components.

A Squealing Sound

Tires that squeal as you turn the wheel are an indication one or several tires are underinflated.  However, if you only hear the squealing when making a tight turn, there might not be a problem.  If the squealing is consistent, it is time to add some air to the tires.  Otherwise, you will likely end up with even more problems such as suspension issues.

Steering Noise

If you hear a noise from the steering column when you turn your vehicle’s steering wheel, there is likely a problem with the steering system, suspension or wheels. 

Clicking or Popping Sounds

If you hear clicking or popping noises as you turn the vehicle’s steering wheel, there is an issue with the wheels or suspension.  Popping sounds are often a sign of a damaged or worn suspension joint.  Let our auto repair crew address this problem sooner rather than later or you will end up with unpredictable vehicle handling, additional damage to the component chain or uneven tire wear.

Squealing or Whining

These annoying noises are a sign the power steering fluid is low.  If the level of this pressurized fluid drops too low, the hydraulic power steering system will be compromised and the vehicle will make whining/squealing noises.  If topping off the power steering fluid does not eliminate the noise, our car repair specialists will identify the true cause of the squealing sound and correct it.

Morgan Automotive Repair Will get Your Car Back on the Road

Is your vehicle making funny noises?  If you think your vehicle might need repair or are certain something is wrong, act quickly by contacting our auto repair team.  Give us a call at (209) 836-4909 to learn more about our car repair services and schedule an appointment.

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