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How is Synthetic Oil Different From ‘Regular’ Oil?

If you’re a car owner, you’ve had to change your car’s oil at some point in your life. Have you ever wondered why there is a choice between ‘regular’ and synthetic oil? Or what motor oil is even made up of or used for?  Morgan Automotive Repair is the most trusted car repair shop in […]
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What Is an Air Conditioning Inspection and Why Is Now the Ideal Time to Have One Done?

During the summer months, you rely on the air conditioning in your vehicle to help keep you and your passengers comfortable. Without air conditioning, your car can reach temperatures that are hotter than those outside, and can lead to you becoming hot, dizzy dehydrated or can even cause heatstroke if you are exposed to these […]
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Tips to Get Your Car Ready For a Spring Break Road Trip

Spring is almost here. After having travel restricted or limited for nearly a year, many cities, counties and states are easing up on COVID-19 restrictions and allowing businesses to open up and for travel to resume again. If your family is planning to take advantage of this and travel this spring break, the last thing you […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Your Car’s Air Filter

When you bring your vehicle to a car repair shop for maintenance, they may recommend that you change your car’s air filter. Your car’s air filter is one of the most overlooked items in the car, yet it needs to regularly be replaced. Learning more about the car’s air filter may help you to realize […]
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Problems Associated with Improperly Inflated Tires

It is recommended that you check the pressure of each one of your tires once a month. This is because tires that are not properly inflated, whether they be under-or over-inflated, can be problematic or dangerous. Here are three problems that are associated with having improperly inflated tires.  Excessive Tear Wear When your tires are […]
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The Difference Between Aftermarket Parts and OEM Parts

Chances are you have heard of aftermarket and OEM parts yet you might not know what these terms really mean.  OEM is an acronym that is short for original equipment manufacturer.  Aftermarket parts are used parts.  Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the two in an effort to help you select the […]
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