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Why You Should NOT Ignore an Illuminated Battery Indicator or Charging System Light

If your vehicle’s battery indicator or charging system light illuminates, you will understandably be tempted to continue driving and deal with this potential automotive problem later on.  Do not fall into this temptation!  If you are like most drivers, you will delay addressing this issue for a couple trips, assuming you will have it tended […]
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The Pitfalls of DIY Car Repair Attempts

If you grew up around cars, have a passion for automobiles or are an engineer, you have likely pondered the prospect of performing your own automotive repairs.  Though DIY (do it yourself) car repairs are certainly tempting, they are likely to backfire in a big way.  Let’s take a look at why you should strictly […]
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Signs Your Catalytic Convertor May Be Failing

A catalytic convertor is an essential part of your vehicle that helps to break down unburned gasses, rather than allowing them to be released into the air. This has reduced the amount of smog and pollution that is created as a result of people driving their automobiles. Many catalytic convertors are designed to last the […]
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What to Expect When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Seeing a light become illuminated on your dashboard can be alarming. If a light lights up on your dashboard and you do not know what it is, refer to your owner’s manual to determine what the light may mean. If it is your check engine light that has a glow to it, or in some […]
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What Are the Symptoms of a Damaged Exhaust Manifold?

The exhaust manifold is the part of your car connecting the engine to the exhaust system. It’s responsible for collecting all the exhaust and funneling it into the catalytic converter and then onto the muffler and tailpipe. This manifold is generally made from a solid piece of metal for durability, but it’s not impervious to […]
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What’s an O2 Sensor, and Why Should You Care?

O2 sensors are oxygen sensors. As the name implies, it senses the amount of oxygen that’s in a mixture of gas or liquid, such as the exhaust that might come out of your car. Learn more about O2 sensors below, including when to visit an auto repair shop for issues. What Cars Have Oxygen Sensors, […]
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