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5 Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Service

Dealing with car issues is never a fun experience. From costly repair bills to time missed from work, it can all be a very annoying process. While these car repairs usually only create minor inconveniences, larger repairs can be detrimental to your finances and well-being. Examples include an engine blowout and a transmission failure. When […]
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A Quick Checklist for Buying an Older Used Car

Modern cars are lasting longer than ever before. Advances in automotive machinery and technology are empowering car manufacturers to build better and better quality vehicles. Higher quality, longer-lasting vehicles are a win for consumers, generally speaking. But the used car market has suffered some disruption. It’s not uncommon to buy used cars at 100,000 or […]
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4 Reasons Your Car Shakes When You Drive

Do you have a car that shakes when you drive? If so, it’s understandable you’re concerned about what’s going on.  A proper diagnosis of the problem is the first step to repair. For that reason, you may want to stop by your local auto repair shop to get an expert’s opinion. There are a number of possible […]
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Understanding the Difference Between Premium Gasoline and Regular Gasoline

There is a pervasive idea that using premium grade gas is better for your car than regular gasoline. Some people claim that it makes your car run more efficiently and will improve fuel economy.  Also, producers mix in special additives like detergents that keep the fuel system clean. It makes sense that using better fuel […]
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What to do if your Power Steering Stops Working

With the help of power steering, you can easily maneuver your car around corners and navigate through traffic. Without it, you will be using your strength to turn your vehicle’s wheels in the right direction, a task that can be particularly challenging, especially with the weight of today’s’ cars. This makes power steering a vital […]
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Here’s Why You Car Leaks Oil When Parked

If you find that your car’s oil needs topping off between oil changes, then it is probably leaking oil – and you may not have noticed it. Some cars leak oil only while driving and the engine is hot. These types of leaks can be difficult to detect and you may need to have the engine […]
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