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What Should a Car Repair Estimate Include?

No one wants their car to have issues. However, when problems arise, you need to be prepared. Taking your car to an auto repair shop is vital in determining what is going on with the vehicle. From there, a car repair shop will provide you with an estimate to fix your vehicle. If desired, you can […]
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Everything You Need to Know About Bad Gas

Bad gas can have a negative affect on your automobile. Unfortunately, most people have no idea that gas can go bad, or what can happen if gas does go bad. You can encounter bad gas when pumping new gas into your car, after refueling your car with gas from a sitting gas can, or simply […]
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Reasons Your Car May Be Overheating

Your automobile has a temperature gauge. While most of us know what this gauge is, we do not pay much attention to it. Fortunately, it is not something you really need to watch, unless you see that the gauge is indicating that your car is starting to run hot. When this happens, your car may […]
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Reasons Why Your Car May Not Start

When you place your key in the ignition of your vehicle and turn it, you expect your engine to start up. Unfortunately though, there may come a time when your car does not start up. There are numerous reasons why your car may not start. Read on to learn about the common reasons why your […]
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What is Done During an Air Conditioning Check-Up Service?

It is reccommended that you bring your vehicle to a car repair shop each spring for an air conditioning check-up appointment. This appointment should be done, even if your air conditioning seems to be running well. It helps to check for problems that can prevent your cooling system from failing to work when you need […]
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Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Ravages of Summer Travel?

As spring weather brightens into summer, it’s the ideal time to send your vehicle for a thorough checkup at your local, trusted automotive repair shop. Proactive maintenance helps reduce the long-term ownership cost of your vehicle as well as ensuring that you and your family are safe on the road for your summer travels and […]
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