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Reasons Why Your Car May Not Pass Smog

In California, you are required to pass a smog check in order to register your vehicle. A smog check is designed to check the emission levels of your vehicle and your vehicle’s exhaust system. The test checks the levels of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxides and nitrogen oxides that are emitted from your car. If your car […]
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Why Do I Hear a Rattling Sound When Driving?

When you are driving, you do not want to hear anything rattling. If you hear a rattling sound as you go down the road, the first thing you want to do is ensure that nothing is rattling around in your glove box, in a cup holder or in the trunk of your car. Once you […]
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Battery or Alternator: How to Tell Which May Be the Problem With Your Automobile

If your car’s battery or alternator are dead, your car will not start when you turn the key in the ignition. This may leave you wondering whether the problem lies with your battery or with your alternator. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can be used to help you determine which item is likely […]
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Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas When I Start It?

If you have just fueled up your car, and you smell gas when you start it, it may take a second to get rid of the gas scent in your car. Your car may smell like gas simply because you were sitting at the gas station. However, if you smell this smell every time you […]
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Reasons Why Your Brake Pedal is Soft

Normally, you should not have to press very hard on your brake pedal to get your car to come to a stop. You should press it lightly and feel some resistance from the pedal as your car comes to a stop. However, one day you may be out driving and your brake pedal may feel […]
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How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Temperatures in California do not get as cold in the winter months as other parts of the country. However, that does not mean that you do not need to prepare your car for winter. During the winter months, your car in California may be exposed to rain and cold morning temperatures. Here are a few […]
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