Auto Repair: Common Car Problems

Having a car and keeping it operating safely requires maintenance. No one wants to end up waiting on the side of the road with their vehicle for a tow truck because of a serious mechanical issue. Such scenarios can be avoided with timely visits to a reputable auto repair shop.

Car repair may be required when you have one of these common car issues. While some may be able to be fixed by the owner of a vehicle, other problems often require the experience of one of our auto repair mechanics. Get a better understanding of some of the most common car problems seen by our car repair shop today.

Faulty Starter

Even with regular maintenance, your starter may fail. As a driver, you will hear a clicking sound prior to starting your vehicle and you will see that your car simply takes longer to start up. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy fix. However, get her in when the issue begins to be noticeable, as you do not want to end up stranded.

Faulty Windows

Gone are the days of those trusty roll-up windows. With more automation and power windows in today’s models, car owners can experience windows that refuse to roll up completely. This annoyance will not interfere with the operation of a car. That being said, it should be addressed as a larger gap can make it easier for the elements like water and snow to damage the interior of a vehicle. It is also an opportunity for theft. Problematic power windows can be easily addressed at any of our Morgan Automotive Repair locations.

Auto Paint Defects

Chipping, scratches, and paint discoloration can be an eyesore. Even more, these car problems can actually make a car vulnerable to the development of rust spots and structural issues. Most cars do not stay in pristine condition throughout their lifetime. However, our auto repair specialists can address such cosmetic and structural issues potentially helping to increase resale value.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Your transmission needs constant lubrication to reduce the friction between its components. Transmission fluid works to protect sensitive parts and is also a coolant and hydraulic fluid. Over time, small holes may form in the transmission system, permitting transmission fluid to escape. With worsening leaks, your transmission may not operate at its optimal level or may fail completely. If you observe a large red puddle under your car, you may need to check your transmission.

Not addressing smaller issues, can lead to a larger problem down the road. Unusual noises or leakage can be some of the earliest indicators that your vehicle needs attention from an auto repair mechanic. Understand more about how to address and avoid common problems when you bring your car down to a car repair shop. Depend on our expertise for any of your auto repair needs at our convenient locations in Manteca, Stockton and Tracey. Call Morgan Automotive Repair to schedule your appointment today.

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