Auto Maintenance Tips for Drivers Returning to the Road

Plenty of drivers are returning to the road now that the coronavirus pandemic is finally coming to an end.  If you have not driven much or at all in the prior months, it is time to brush up on your driving skills.  Consider taking a defensive driving course and taking a few practice spins around town.  It is also in your interest to perform some automotive maintenance to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road.

Check the Oil

If your vehicle’s oil is dirty or old, it is time to change it.  Check the oil dipstick at least once each month to get a sense of whether the oil is dirty.  If the oil in your vehicle is golden or light in hue, it is an indication an oil change might be necessary.

Look for Stowaways

If you have not driven in months, there is a chance one or several small rodents, insects or other animals have turned your car into their home.  Anything from a rat to a mouse, squirrel, chipmunk and ants have the potential to make their way into your vehicle’s wheels, engine and other components.  So be sure to pop the hood to take a look at the fuel lines and additional components to ensure they have not been compromised prior to your return to the road.

Consider Adding a Carbon Eliminator

The addition of a carbon eliminator to your vehicle’s gas tank will prevent the accumulation of carbon.  Carbon eliminators eliminate harsh carbon deposits from combustion chambers, ports, rings and valves to enhance engine performance all the more.  A carbon eliminator will also help extend your vehicle’s engine life, restore power and minimize fuel consumption.

Check the Fluids

Brake fluid and antifreeze will gradually deteriorate.  If you have not driven in months or weeks, be sure to check your vehicle’s fluids to ensure there is enough and that their quality has not significantly diminished. 

Mind the Filters and Ventilation

The vehicle’s ventilation system including the air filter are essential to the automobile’s functionality, especially during the blazing hot summer.  Take a look at the filter and ventilation system to ensure they have not been compromised in any way.  In particular, insects and rodents tend to gravitate to these spaces so be sure to take a look around these internal components with a flashlight.

Check the Air in the Tires

Open up your vehicle door and you will likely find the recommended air pressure for your vehicle’s tires.  You can also find this information in the owner’s manual.  If possible, have your vehicle placed on a lift for a full tire inspection so the undercarriage and tires can be analyzed for dry rot and additional damage.

Bring Your Vehicle to an Auto Repair Shop

Even if your vehicle does not need an auto repair, it is still in your interest to take it to our car repair shop.  We perform automotive maintenance and car repair for local drivers.  Reach out to us today at (209) 836-4909 to schedule an appointment.

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