6 Signs You Need Prompt Auto Repair

Your vehicle might be in need of repair yet there is no guarantee you will be aware of that need before considerable damage occurs.  You and only you drive your car on a daily basis, meaning you are the sole individual responsible for identifying red flags that necessitate repair.  Below, we provide a look at some signs that indicate car repair is necessary. 

1. More Exhaust Smoke Than Usual

If you find more exhaust smoke emanates than usual, it is an indication something is wrong with your vehicle.  The bottom line is any alteration in emissions is a legitimate reason for concern.  The color of the smoke provides some clues as to what the underlying issue is.  Black smoke is an indication that the vehicle is burning more fuel than necessary.  If the smoke is white, it is an indication the engine has a coolant leak.  Blue smoke is a sign that oil has moved into the combustion chamber.

2. Odd Sounds

Vehicles make all sorts of odd noises when systems falter.  Brake pads tend to screech at the point in time when they need replacement.  If you hear any such unexpected sounds while driving, bring your vehicle to our experts for analysis and repair.

3. Leaks

Plenty of automobile owners overlook fluids leaking from the bottom of their vehicle during the summer, spring and fall as they assume operating the air conditioner is the cause of such excessive condensation.  However, the leak dripping from the bottom of your vehicle might actually be a sign that there is a problem.  If you find fluids drip from your vehicle even when you are not running your air conditioner, do the smart thing by contacting our auto repair shop.

4. Smoke Emanating From Beneath the Hood

If smoke is coming out from below the hood, it is an indication there is something seriously wrong with your vehicle.  There might be excessive heat in or around the engine that causes it to overheat.  The only driving you should be doing after smoke emanates from your engine is to our auto repair shop.  If the smoke is excessive, be on the safe side by having your vehicle towed to our car repair experts.

5. Reduced Fuel Efficiency

A decline in fuel economy is a clear indication the vehicle needs repair.  It is possible a tune-up will remedy the issue.  However, there is also the potential for repair or part replacement.  Our team will determine whether your vehicle needs a new air filter, a sensor cleaning or its spark plugs changed.

6. Recurring or Sudden Transmission Issues

If your car’s transmission is acting up, don’t assume it is a normal part of the vehicle aging process.  Sluggish responses or surges are abnormal.  These transmission problems are a clear indication your vehicle should be closely analyzed by our auto repair specialists.

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