5 Tips to get Your Vehicle Ready for Summer

The summer is right around the corner.  Chances are you have not done much driving during the pandemic.  However, now that the economy is gradually reopening, it is time to get your vehicle in tip-top shape for road trips, social outings and so on.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you get your car, truck or SUV ready for the summer.

1. Check the Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures in the winter and spring reduce tire pressure.  In fact, every 10 degrees the temperature decreases causes a one PSI reduction.  Driving a vehicle with underinflated tires wears down the tires and also presents a danger.  So be sure to check your vehicle’s tire pressure prior to the start of the summer.  However, the vehicle must be unused for a minimum of three hours prior to testing the tire PSI in order to get an accurate reading.

2. Wash the Underbody

Your vehicle’s underbody will be laden with all sorts of gunk after the winter and spring.  From mud to salt, sand and other debris, vehicle underbodies are chock-full of harmful particles likely to lead to rust and corrosion when the weather warms up.  You can do your part to prevent corrosion by washing the vehicle’s underbody prior to the start of the summer.

3. Change the Wiper Blades

Your vehicle’s wiper blades take a beating during the winter and the rainy spring.  The rubber on the bottom of the wiper blades will split or crack after this excessive use.  Take a close look at your wiper blades prior to the start of summer.  If you find the rubber is missing or compromised in any way, replace the blades.

4. Check the A/C, Battery and Coolant

You will need a functional A/C system, coolant and battery when operating your vehicle during the summer months.  Keep in mind, it is possible for freon to leak during the winter months, ultimately causing the compressor to be overworked.  It is better to be safe rather than sorry by having the A/C system checked before summer arrives.  This is also the perfect opportunity to have your vehicle’s battery checked.  Though few know it, the truth is hot weather has the potential to knock out a weakened battery.  Have your battery checked so you know exactly how much juice is left.  The coolant should also be checked to ensure it is at the optimal level and fresh.

5. Put an Emergency Kit in the Trunk

Now that the weather is better, you will be heading outside for lengthy drives that much more frequently.  From road trips to family reunions, sporting events and beyond, there are countless reasons to hit the road in the summer.  However, the last thing you need is to be stranded on a blazing hot day without an emergency kit.  An emergency kit consisting of sealed snacks, water, flashlights, a blanket, a tire gauge and cables has the potential to be a lifesaver.

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