5 Signs Your Car Needs Transmission Service

Dealing with car issues is never a fun experience. From costly repair bills to time missed from work, it can all be a very annoying process. While these car repairs usually only create minor inconveniences, larger repairs can be detrimental to your finances and well-being. Examples include an engine blowout and a transmission failure. When one of these happens to your vehicle, the repairs can cost thousands of dollars. In order to prevent one of these scenarios from happening, it’s best to take care of car issues once they happen and to make sure to visit an auto repair shop every few months for a checkup. Another tactic to remember is to notice key signs that your car is having problems—especially with your transmission. In this post, we’ll explain 5 signs to look out for that might indicate your transmission needs servicing.

Issues When Shifting Gears

Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, your vehicle should switch gears with ease. If you notice that your car is acting strangely when shifting gears, or it doesn’t switch gears when it should, then you might be dealing with a transmission issue. When your transmission fluid is dark and sludgy, you could most likely use a transmission flush—and this should fix your gear-shifting problem.

Strange Sounds From Your Transmission

Another indication that you may need transmission service is when strange sounds are coming from your transmission. Over time, your transmission will begin to see come common wear and tear. However, if you go too long without caring for your transmission, the fluid can become sludgy and dirty, which can cause the grinding sound you hear. If this is happening to you, be sure to check the fluid and have it examined by a professional if the fluid appears brown or black.

Delay in Movement

If your vehicle has been unresponsive once gears are shifted, then you could have a transmission issue. Normal-functioning gears move from one another with ease, and there shouldn’t ever be a delay in the process. But if your transmission is using old, sludgy fluid, or there is another issue, then it’s normal for your vehicle to stall for a few seconds before switching gears.

Leaking Fluid

While the other signs are a little difficult to notice, leaking fluid is pretty simple to detect. However, you just have to look for it. If you notice that your transmission is acting strangely, then be sure to check your fluid levels and look for leaks. If you determine that you have a leak, then visit an auto repair shop ASAP.

If You Don’t Remember When It’s Been Serviced

Whether you’ve had your car for ten years or your just bought it three weeks ago, it can be hard to know when it’s time for transmission service. Typically, your car should receive transmission service every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, but it depends on the model of your vehicle. If you have no idea when your car had transmission service, then visit an auto repair shop for an inspection.

Given the cost of a new transmission and how vital it is to your vehicle, having transmission service is extremely important. In order to ensure top-notch performance from your ride, be sure to take your car in for a checkup every few months or earlier if you notice something abnormal.

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