4 Reasons why Your Car is Vibrating

There will likely come a point in time when you notice your vehicle is vibrating.  If you are like most drivers, you will temporarily shrug off the problem, assuming it is the result of an uneven road.  However, if the vibration continues on a flat road, it is cause for concern.  There are all sorts of different reasons why your vehicle might be vibrating.

There Might be a Problem With the Suspension

The vehicle’s steering system is connected to the suspension system.  The vibration might be the result of a misalignment.  Contact with a pothole or curb has the potential to cause suspension problems.  If you notice the presence of such vibrations at varying speeds, there is a good chance your vehicle is out of alignment.  There is also a chance loose suspension bearings or components are the cause of the vibration.  In fact, the simple wear and tear of suspension components can cause vibrations when traveling at a high rate of speed and also when applying the brakes.

The Wheels Might not be Properly Balanced

Vibrations stemming from the wheels are typically felt directly through the steering wheel.  If the wheel bearings are damaged or worn, they must be addressed sooner rather than later.  If the steering wheel shakes as you round a curve, there is also a good chance the ball joints or tie rod ends are worn.  There is also the potential for wheel runout to occur.  This term means the wheels have deviated from a circular spin.  Wheel runout is measured with the use of a dial indicator here at our auto repair shop.

The Brakes Might be Faulty

If your vehicle vibrates when you press the brakes, it might have a warped or worn brake rotor.  Our team is here to analyze the rotor to determine if it needs replacement.  There is also a chance the brake caliper pin is rusted or worn and also requires replacement.

Engine Issues Might be the Underlying Problem 

If the engine is not receiving sufficient fuel or oxygen to operate as designed, the vehicle might vibrate.  In particular, insufficient fuel, spark or oxygen will likely result in the vehicle shaking when it picks up speed.  If this is the case, the spark plugs must be analyzed and possibly replaced.  Furthermore, the air filter and fuel filter should also be inspected to determine if they are dirty or completely clogged.  If the vehicle vibrates when you are stopped at a red light or stop sign, the engine mounts are likely the problem.  If the engine mounts are damaged or worn, they will have to be replaced.

Morgan Automotive is at Your Service

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